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Population: 1,562,133

One of the largest cities in the Desert of Thunder, Eridan was until recently wisely and competently governed by Assuranx, one of the most powerful and intelligent dragons of the region. However, in the last decade he has grown increasingly paranoid, and sometimes even fallen into rages that have caused many of his servants to die. Rumors among the citizens about his latest outbursts are rampant, and the other dragons are beginning to worry that he will become insane like his mother Thurangax.

In truth, his paranoia comes from the source as his mother - the Ring of Atalus, a powerful artifact forged by Atalan wizards to destroy their blue dragon enemies from within. It will give its owner great powers of insight, but it will also make him paranoid and unable to trust anything but the ring, which he will refuse to be parted with. When the legions of the Atalan Empire were unable to stand against the dragons, they arranged for the ring to fall into the dragons' claws as plunder - and sure enough, it drove Thurangax to ruin, though it wasn't enough to save the empire - especially since the ring was lost after her death. Only now it was recovered by Assuranx - and now it might become the doom of the Desert of Thunder after all, especially if it passes on to other dragons after his death.

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