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Population: 63,431

A small city-state at the northeastern end of the Great Lake, Estenheim has never really recovered after it was razed by Negroth more than 250 years ago. While it does see some steady trade from the interior and further away from the Lands of the Dead, it suffers from periodic outbreak of plagues which the citizens are incapable of dealing with. As a result, the dwarves of Gol Grungor consider the city cursed and refuse to deal with it for any reason, thus eliminating a powerful trade partner. Periodic orc raids exacerbate the situation and often cause starvation and further plagues as the citizens flee behind the decrepit walls of the city.

Both Svardholm and Kaltengrad are considering simply annexing the city so that they can control this strategic location, and a growing number of people in Estenheim are openly agitating for this to happen in the hopes of improving the lot of their home - though which city would be more preferable as a patron is still being argued by them. The ruling council resists that idea and instead have committed to a desperate gamble in the hopes of gaining more revenue: They attempt to mine the foothills of Gol Grungor. No one is sure just where the dwarves consider to be the boundary of their territory - and just what they would do if that border is breached. But the councilmen are willing to give it a try nonetheless.

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