Eustilia Plains
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Home to some of the largest herds of centaurs in the Known Lands, the Eustilia Plains have been underdeveloped until recently—which was just as the centaurs liked it. But now the plains threaten to become a battlefield in the coming war between the Alliance of the Pantheon and the League of Armach, and massive camps of soldiers on both sides of the border threaten to disrupt the centaur way of life. The western part of the plains has also seen a huge influx of refugees of survivors from the massacres committed by League troops on their side of the border. Frequent territory disputes between newcomer and established centaur tribes have been the result, and only the knowledge that there is a worse foe lurking to the east has kept a lid on things.

The eastern part of the plains was once to vast herds of centaurs. But as the League of Armach expanded westwards, the centaurs resisted this incursion into their territory - and were slaughtered. The few survivors fled further westwards. Now armed camps have sprung up on the Plains whose soldiers stage mock exercises close to the borders to the Alliance and prepare for the coming battle.

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