Experimental Farm Nr. 73
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In the vast woodlands of the Grüngarten Protectorate there are innumerable small farms in remote, isolated areas. These used to be family-owned farms, but one by one they fell into disuse as the farmers became unable to compete with the vast plantations of the larger agricultural companies and had to move to the city to sustain themselves. The Grüngarten government repossessed many of these, and sold them to various small companies founded by aspiring mages and alchemists who were convinced that they could build a better crop plant with their magical alterations and alchemical enhancements of plants. Some indeed became wildly successful, but many more bankrupted themselves, with their experimental farms falling into disuse again.

Experimental Farm Nr. 73 is one of the latter type. Its owners experimented on various fungi discovered in the Star Mountains in the hopes of producing food or other useful materials from the vast amounts of organic waste the cities produce every day, but their funds ran out before they had a breakthrough, and they left the farm without cleaning up behind them. However, unknown to them one of their fungi has spread into the ground and expanded until it became a gigantic mass below the farm and parts of the surrounding areas.

It would likely have slowly grown further without incident, but recently a passing vagabond who had intended to see if there were any valuables or food left on the farm went to sleep on a fungus mat lurking just below the surface - and was absorbed into the fungus, which somehow gained self-awareness through this. The fungus, who gained a dim understanding of the world by absorbing the vagabond's memories, decided to learn more, and sent out mobile, humanoid portions of itself to collect more people to absorb. Its understanding of both its powers and the world increased, and it sends its minions further and further afield. It is aware of the city of Grüngarten, and desires to absorb everyone in it, vastly increasing its power and knowledge and (in its mind) making it unassailable.

However, recently more and more of its fungus people fail to return, which makes it worry that the humans of the area are on its trail - which means it needs to accelerate its plans. What it hasn't realized that the longer and further its fungus people stay away from it, the more will they develop an independent personality based on the personalities of all the people the fungus has already absorbed. Some of them decided that they don't want to go back and rejoin the main fungus - so they stay in Grüngarten and elsewhere, hiding from other fungus people, and reenacting the lives of normal people as much as they are able to…

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