Far Coast
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A hot and humid continent far to the southwest of the Flannish Cities. Ancient pyramids dot the jungle, with inscriptions that seem to point at human inhabitants, but so far none of them have been found - it is as if the entire human population of the continent had vanished in a short period of time. Theories abound about this, and some explorers consider solving this mystery a matter of utmost importance so that similar occurrences can be prevented in other parts of the world - while others warn about stirring up things that are better left alone.

Some explorers have discovered inscriptions on the walls of ruins which seem to date from a very late period. These are almost crude in comparison to the earlier reliefs, almost as if they were made in a hurry. They seem to depict a vast sphere hovering over the landscape, with rays emitting from it and tiny human forms either rising towards it from the ground or falling back to it - it is hard to say for certain. The meaning of this remains a mystery, but many explorers insist that this strange "sphere" is responsible for the extinction of the ancients.

The predominant remaining sapient life forms seem to be achelats, who live in gigantic, semi-organic cities built in rivers and coastal marshes. A few colonies and trading outposts have been founded by explorers from the Flannish Cities, the Parginian Rim, and Malundi. These hardy people search for gold and silver, which are common in the mountainous regions, or exploit the natural resources of the jungle, as many plants and animal pelts fetch high prices back home.

Settlements from the Known Lands have sprung up along the northern and eastern coasts, in particular the Rampart Islands. Meanwhile, the western coast now features colonies by the various island cultures that inhabit the Last Ocean, though they haven't penetrated far into the interior - as the western half of the continent is particularly mountainous. However, they have stories about "ghost people" - humans dwelling deep within the mountains they catch occasional glimpses of, but who vanish before they can be approached.

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Adventure Ideas

  • Achelats are supposedly unintelligent - at least, those encountered in the Known Lands are. So why are they building cities here? Good question - perhaps there are some guiding intelligences behind them. And perhaps these guiding intelligences were responsible for killing all native humans. So, what do they plan to do next?

Designer's Notes & Resources

Fantasy equivalents of the Americas - with conflicts between the "European explorers" and the natives - have been done to death, so I decided to try out something new - while the Far Coast is the Urbis equivalent of South America, I wiped out most of the natives before the "European explorers" arrived. My working theory for their disappearance (and thanks to Jenna Moran for suggesting it is that the native civilizations went through some kind of Singularity event which caused them to "merge" into the above-mentioned Sphere. Time will tell if I work all this out in detail…


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