Far Shores Trading Company
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Possibly the largest trade and shipping company of Dartmouth, the Far Shores Trading Company specializes in trade with Hope Town, Ranya, and nations further east. It's biggest source of income are several colonies in Ranya where they harvest large amounts of opium and then sell it elsewhere - not just in the Flannish Cities but also in the Tsan Empire. However, four years ago the Celestial Emperor has outlawed the sale of opium because of its deleterious effect on his citizens. Loath to lose one of their main sources of income, the Far Shores Trading Company simply smuggled the opium into the Empire. This in turn has provoked further ire from the Celestial Emperor, who late last year gave the order to assemble a vast fleet to find the perpetrators and punish them savagely.

Given the slow speed with which the bureaucracy of the Tsan operates, the ships have not yet sailed forth, but they might do so any day now. The Company has learned of this and its leadership is now in a state of panic and trying to evade the consequences. It is not at all clear that the fleet would stop at destroying the Ranyan colonies, and given the past actions of the Tsan Empire they might not feel that their mission is over until they have occupied Dartmouth itself. The Company leaders fear the day the Lord Mayor of Dartmouth finds out, and will do whatever they can to both prevent this from happening and slow down the fleet. In the meantime, they have started to transfer as much money as they can without arousing suspicions to the Gemeinschaftsbank and other Siebenbund financial institutions…

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Urbis' very own equivalent of the East India Company - and they've managed to provoke the equivalent of the Opium Wars, too! Only in this setting the power distribution is significantly different, so the end results might be as well…


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