Fate Club
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To scholars interested in matters of the arcane, it is well known that there are entities of supernatural Evil such as demons and devils. Some go further and claim that Evil is a cosmic force, a view shared by some religions. One question frequently debated among these scholars so far is whether this Cosmic Evil existed first and tempted man to wicked ways, away from a pure and innocent existence, or whether Evil as a supernatural concept only sprang into existence with the appearance of sapient beings capable of conceiving it.

However, the few nonmembers who have learned of the Fate Club strongly suspect the latter.

The members of the Fate Club consists exclusively of those who are rich, privileged, and bored out of their minds. They indulge in a vile and perverse game: They try to get ordinary, innocent people to sell them their souls.

Their modus operandi usually goes this: They appear as a gentleman stranger to an ordinary, respected citizen - someone who is reasonably well off, but not so well off that he could afford to hire powerful magical protection or investigators. They will do this person a few minor favors, but after a few of these favors they will demand favors in return - favors which seem innocent at first, but which soon demand greater and greater deeds of wickedness. They do not hesitate to use their influence behind the scenes to put their victims into dire straits - financial or otherwise - to pressure him to give in to them, always presenting themselves as the only ones who can help him. This vicious cycle continues until they are tell the victim that they are willing to do away with all his problems - in exchange for his soul. The victim has to sign a contract in blood which signs over his soul - and thus allegedly condemns it to eternal damnation.

These contracts are fake - they have no occult powers over the victim's soul. Instead, all they represent is a morbid trophy for the Fate Club member who acquired it. Its members compete both for the highest number of contracts they acquire and for the "quality" of their victims (the more noble and respected their victims are before their fall, the better). They use their vast wealth liberally to help them in their role of "devilish tempters", including magical effects and items that falsely hint at their alleged infernal nature. They do not care for the many lives they have destroyed, and the fate of the many people who believe that since their souls are doomed, they have nothing to loose by acting evil and spreading misery on their own. All that matters is their entertainment.

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Some people do evil out of a lust for power, wealth, or carnal desires. But some do evil merely because they can and enjoy the experience. The Fate Club represents the latter, and serves as an utterly vile organization which the player characters can really enjoy smashing to bits.


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