Fields of Harrow
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This dismal swamp is the site of the battle where the combined armies of the Flannish Cities were soundly defeated by the hordes of Negroth the Doombringer. The region still seems to echo the many deaths that happened here, and undead can be found in large numbers. Still, living humans can be found here, as a special kind of wood named heartwood, which is highly priced by enchanters, grows in the swamp. Thus, several camps of loggers operate here. All are heavily armed.

There are reports that many of the undead are gathering in groups representing the armies fielded by the various Flannish nobles - and the animosities that caused them to squabble in life now causes them to blame each other for their conditions and fight. It is rumored that it may be possible to ally with one group of undead against another for rewards, though only the most desperate or greedy mercenaries would be willing to contemplate such an alliance.

Interestingly, undead from the armies of Negroth seem to be absent from the Fields of Harrow.

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