Fire Worm

A worm-like species (or possibly multiple species - classification has been difficult) normally ranging in diameter from two to six yards that normally lives in the molten core of the planet. However, near the end of its life cycle it burrows upwards into the solid regions of Terra Profunda until it reaches regions inhabited by solid creatures, whereupon it dies and its eggs hatch, eating first their parent and then feeding on other solid creatures in the vicinity. Once they have grown to sufficient size, they will spin themselves into a cocoon and emerge as a creature capable of surviving in magma and begin to burrow downwards again, whereupon they repeat the live cycle of their parent.

Since the adult fire worms move fairly slowly, the magma that wells up after them during their ascent tends to cool and solidify behind them, causing them to create tunnels wherever they burrow. In some cases - especially if they start below volcanic areas - they might even reach the surface, though usually they will stop many miles short of that. The husk of a fire worm is highly priced, as it contains many valuable minerals. However, their larvae are considered dangerous pests by most inhabitants of Terra Profunda.

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