Flannish Cities Unity Coalition

Most people in the modern Flannish cities regard the city-state as the very pinnacle of civilization. Not the members of this society - for them, the city-state is a historical aberration on the way out. They point to the emergence of the League of Armach, the Alliance of the Pantheon, and other, older nations and claim that true nations are more powerful and more enduring than any single city can be.

Besides, it was the disunity between the rulers of the region that made conquest and occupation by Negroth the Doombringer possible, and such an event might happen again soon - perhaps sooner than most people realize. To be sure, at the moment all the borders of the Flannish region seem to be safe - but people also thought that of the Norfjell Wastes right before Negroth's hordes swept out of them.

Thus, the members of the FCUC do whatever they can to strengthen links between the Flannish city-states, from easing of trade restrictions to cultural exchanges to conferences on the possible structure and constitution for the future Flannish nation. This does not always make them popular, since many people are wary of outside meddling in the affairs of their city. Additional, the group is seen as suspicious because it is headquartered in Praxus and partially sponsored by that city's government, and many believe that the unification the FCUC strives for is only a unification under the rule of Praxus.

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Hopelessly naive idealists, dupes of the Gnomish World Conspiracy, or the future for the region? You decide.


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