Forest Symbols
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In the fall of the year 1421 NA, a wizard flying over the eastern reaches of the Bodenwald Protectorate discovered that strange patterns were visible in the forest cover, thanks to arrangement of trees whose trees had been discolored earlier or differently than the surrounding trees. But when someone else checked the location a few weeks later, the leaves had already fallen off and the patterns had vanished. A cursory survey during the following fall revealed something disturbing - many of these patterns seemed to have similarities to ritual circles, including a few that were identified as summoning circles. Subsequent examination of a few located sites revealed that many of these trees were of a different species than those of the surrounding area, while others had been alchemically altered - apparently for this purpose. Furthermore, at several of these sites evidence was found that these locations had in fact been used for ritual magic in the recent past.

The aristocratic landowners of these regions have disavowed all knowledge of these alterations. The Bodenwald authorities have now planned a more thorough survey in the coming fall and hope to catch some of the ritual casters in the act. Still, the forests of the Protectorate are vast, and they may need to recruit outside help in the hopes of catching the perpetrators.

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