Fort Nebelwacht
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Population: 2,314

So far, the exploration of Yethrod has not yielded as many exploitable resources as the world of Surtus with its profitable mines. Thus, the explorers based at Fort Nebelwacht, the main colony on that world, tend to have a more scientific than commercial focus, and as a result the town has an atmosphere more like a university campus than a frontier town.

The constant fogs and the calls of native animals (often resembling the sounds of Rothean whales) give it an eerie atmosphere that not everyone can get used to, as it is hard to judge for human ears whether the scream of an animal is coming from nearby (and possible representing an immediate threat), or of some titanic, many-legged monstrosity wading through the swamp surrounding the world tree into whose roots the town has been built. The town is generally considered safe, but occasionally an unwary newcomer will take the wrong turn, stumble (or get dragged…) into the swamp, and usually will never be seen again.

Officially, Fort Nebelwacht was founded by Bodenwald, which maintains a small garrison here, but the Astromantic Society tends to run most of the day-to-day affairs of the town and they aren't very picky about which town or nation they recruit from. As of late, they have started to recruit several master musicians from Oldenheim as it was recently accidentally discovered that certain music instruments tend to fascinate the local wildlife and attract them. It is hoped that with the right instruments (possibly custom-built ones) it will be possible to communicate with the smarter local life forms and possibly train them.

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