Fort Nirgendwo
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This remote mining outpost was attacked and destroyed three years ago by several mysterious, gargantuan creatures later dubbed the "Fishers" by the press. These entities manifested in a half-immaterial and barely visible forms whose central "trunks" were "neither squids nor trees but something altogether more horrible", in the words of one of the few surviving eyewitnesses. These central trunks emitted a loathsome wailing and moaning and extended long, wiggling and nearly invisible rope-like tendrils within a radius of several dozens of yards, kicking up considerable amounts of dust in the process which further obscured the monsters. Whenever the tendrils touched one of the miners it stuck to them like the strongest glue, and no available amount of force could rescue them from it. The miners who hadn't already been captured ran around in panic and usually stumbled across other tendrils hidden within the dust. Eventually, the central trunks seemed to "collapse" unto themselves, dragging all the captured people - three dozen miners in all - into their center where they vanished without a trace to an unknown, but likely horrible fate.

Since then, Fort Nirgendwo has been deserted. The "Fishers" have not been encountered since, but everyone on Surtus fears that they will be back.

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Designer's Notes & Resources

This was inspired by a dream I had. The dream, in turn, was likely triggered by the following story by H.P. Lovecraft I once read:


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