Fortress Home
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Population: 641,772

This city was founded by followers of Argannon and expanded rapidly after the construction of the original fortress. The city has gone through regular periods of expansion and thus conquered many client villages and cities, which remain in the city's sphere of influence to this day. But these aggressive expansions always ended just before the other cities were concerned enough to gang up on the Fortress, and were followed by long periods of neutrality when the Fortress hired out its soldiers as mercenaries to all who could afford them—thus keeping their coffers filled, their soldiers trained, and their city indispensable.

Today, the city serves as the command center of the Alliance, and Lord Amrast spends much of his time here. Most priests of Argannon accept the leadership of Amrast, because they, of all people, understand the need for capable and charismatic leaders in times of war, and Lord Amrast seems to be the best they have at the moment. Still, they are making precautions to take charge if his star falls and proves incompetent, or if he should die without the possibility of resurrection.

Some lower-ranking clerics, on the other hand, take active steps to remove him, and others even argue that the Fortress should ally with the League of Armach so that the two can go on to conquer greater things. But the senior clergy maintain that there is no greater way of proving their worthiness in the eyes of Argannon than winning against great odds.

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A city where being a scheming mastermind is pretty much the state religion. It is likely that the Fortress Home will come ahead in the coming war, no matter which side will ultimately win.


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