Fountain Of Youth
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It is said that somewhere in the Forest of Avareen is a spring that is the source of the famous longevity of the elves and sidhe - and it is also said that any human who baths within it becomes young again, and possibly immortal. Whether this spring actually exists is unknown, and when asked, the elves of Avareen give contradictory answers. What is known is that any human (or any other member of a non-sylvan race) who searches for it within the forest is hunted to death by the nobles of the court.

Adventure Ideas

  • The Athanatos Club has an enormous standing reward for anyone who finds the Fountain of Youth, learns its secrets, and brings back samples of the water. The PCs might be tempted to try to find the Fountain themselves.

Designer's Notes & Resources

The Fountain of Youth is a compelling myth in our own world, so it made sense to insert it into Urbis.


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