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Formerly an area housing artists of all types, Fredricksworth is quickly becoming the "Fashion District of Praxus". With fashion's popularity on the rise due to the impression of Praxus as being the most forward-thinking in the Flannish Cities, garment makers, clothing designers, textile producers and fabric dyers alike have moved their businesses here not only from other districts, but even from other cities, making costs rise above what most "starving" artists can afford. Some artists can make the payments, although these seem to be the most popular and affluent musicians and painters. One well-known fashion designer is Charles Boberth. Charles has visitors from all over the Flannish Cities looking for his expensive and beautiful dresses.

Most of the workshops here do not sell to the public and signs stating "Bulk Sale Only" have started cropping up due to the recent influx of tourists visiting this area. The shopkeepers can even be quite rude to those visited their shops without the right credentials as a buyer or seller of fine clothing. This has not seemed to deter tourists, however. To take advantage of this new market - ready to buy the newest and best designs in the Flannish Cities - some independent vendors have started purchasing these new fashions in bulk from Fredericksworth garment makers and selling them in stalls just outside the district.

Due to its popularity, a number of high-class pubs and cabarets have opened here. Their doormen are said to be very strict, but very easily bribed.

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I thought of this area after visiting Los Angeles' fashion district. Combined with some of the local art-residence districts I've lived near, it should work great for Praxus.


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