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Population: 435

The village of Freidorf is home to a small community of people devoted to the philosophy of Naturism - that is, they believe that the state of nudity is only natural and shouldn't be inhibited by social taboos and customs. Thus, the people of Freidorf only wear clothes when they need protection (against the elements or injuries when working). Members of a number of different races, including centaurs live here, and rumors are rife in Nimdenthal about unnatural congress between them (quite possibly true), as well as frequent orgies taking place here with the involvement of devils of lust (unlikely, since devils feed on repression, and if it's one thing the villagers aren't, it is repressed). Some of their leaders are believed to know animistic magic, which helps the small territory of the village (including a small lake and the surrounding forests) warm enough for nudity for more of the year than usual. The village supports itself by selling vegetables, as well as receiving donations from certain wealthy Nimdenthal citizens who like to spend weekends and vacations here.

Recently, the village faced its first raid by one of the bandit groups organized by Heinrich the Ogre, and while the attack was repelled with only the loss of one life thanks to the intervention of spirits, it has been a wake-up call for Freidorf and the inhabitants are now training a small militia (which do not fight in the nude if they can help it). Anyone who tries to stop the bandits would find ready support from them.

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Inspired by the 19th/20th century Naturism/Freikörperkultur movement in Germany and elsewhere.


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