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The Fruchtbasar ("fruit bazaar") is the largest wholesale market for fruits and vegetables within the Flannish Cities. While Grüngarten might have a higher agricultural output than Bodenwald, the latter sits on the major railroad lines to the Siebenbund and Parginian Rim to the south, which see heavy traffic in both directions. Additionally, thanks to the Astromantic Society and the off-world colonies of Bodenwald, the Fruchtbasar has largely cornered the market on off-world fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a number of incidents with off-world parasites and diseases spreading to local plants. While the local authorities are trying to keep such problems contained, observers worry that it is only a matter of time until a major incident spreads some infection across the Flannish Cities and beyond.

A small corner of the Fruchtbasar is dedicated to private customers, and is very popular with the locals due to its unparalleled variety of exotic fruits and vegetables.

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