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Located just behind the harbor, Gailsbreath has long attracted all those immigrants who have arrived by sea - and that's many. The largest number come from the Parginian Rim, but people from Malundi, the Lake of Dreams, and even more distant regions are not uncommon. Outwardly this borough looks poor and run-down, but the buildings sometimes hide surprising wealth - its inhabitants know better than to show off their wealth where people from outside their little ethnic enclave might see it, for organized crime and turf wars between various gangs of youths are not uncommon.

The other natives of Dartmouth sometimes visit this neighborhood to seek out exotic goods and services not available elsewhere, and it offers real bargains for those who know where to look - but also dangers for the unaware. Of continuing interest to the wealthy are the drug dens, where they can partake of drugs otherwise unknown to the Flannish Cities - and the owners of the drug dens know just how to take advantage of their addictions…

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