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Galenvar is the golden tree that was planted in the center of the fortress Tarambur by Prince Canadir during his occupation of the city. It was grown from one of the seeds of the golden trees growing around the Lake of Ormalluin in Narevoreen, and is thus sacred to elves and fey alike. At night, it shimmers golden, and many inhabitants of Grüngarten regularly bathe in its light as a form of religious experience. The prince also introduced the custom of drinking golden mead made from the sap and pollen of the tree before the ruling council of the city convenes, a custom that remains in place to this day.

Unknown to the inhabitants of the city, Canadir had summoned a plant spirit to inhabit the tree as he planted it. This tree spirit is able to subtly influence the councilmen and others who drink its mead - not as a blatant form of mind control, but by planting suggestions in their minds. The prince had intended to use this tree to control the city even when he ended the occupation. However, in the last few decades the tree spirit has grown increasingly independent, caring for its city and its inhabitants more than its loyalty to Canadir. Three years ago, when Canadir gave it orders that would have hurt the city, the tree spirit refused and asserted its independence. Now it ponders how it can protect itself and the city it has grown to love from retaliation.

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