Garden Of Delights
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Feeding the masses of a city-state is a logistical challenge in the most fertile of regions. In the Desert of Thunder, possibly the most parched wasteland in the known lands, this challenge would become overwhelming to anyone of lesser power. Even magically created water often evaporates before it hits the ground here.

Yet the desert's dragon overlords have met this challenge. With the aid of nexus towers from several city-states and lengthy rituals sustained over many years, they have created a magical protective dome more than 30 miles in diameter over a part of the desert. This dome keeps the moisture inside, and allows the ground to support crop yields that would be the pride of any Flannish city.

The slaves here are worked as hard as elsewhere within the region, yet most slaves consider themselves lucky to be transferred here, as the ready supply of food and the more forgiving climate allows them to live longer and more comfortably. The Garden's administrators, on the other hand, wage subtle wars of intrigue and sabotage against their colleagues to ensure that their district of the garden grows more bountiful than that of others, and thus gives them greater prestige. The dragons tolerate this, as long as it does not get out of hand.

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