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Population: 1,845,339

Garmak is the traditional capital of the Hobgoblin Dominions and has a reputation of being a neigh-impenetrable fortress. Only twice in its history has it been conquered by outside forces when its walls were manned (and one of these was by treachery).

The center of the city is dominated by a small mountain on which six rings of fortifications have been built. On the highest one is the Palace of the High Warlord and the seat of the Dominion government. In the second one there are numerous shrines and graves to the honored ancestors and great warriors of the clans and nation. In the third ring the clan homes of the Great Clans can be found where the clan leaders are residing when they visit Garmak. In the fourth ring guard barracks share space with numerous storage complexes with emergency supplies for sieges. In the fifth ring the homes of the lesser clans are located. Finally, the sixth ring used to contain shelters for the population of the surrounding areas in times of war, but these have largely been converted into the homes for the newly rich who craved such a prestigious address to call their homes.

Beyond the sixth wall the New City sprawls, since like most cities Garmak has experienced a vast population boom in the last century. While attempts at building new city walls and fortifications are periodically made, the New City would be very hard to defend in an actual conflict, and civilian casualties would be tremendous. Spread out over it are the train stations, the new Ministries, vast parks, neighborhoods rich and poor, and everything else you'd expect in a city of this size.

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Believe it or not, this was actually inspired by Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings. I wanted to have a city-fortress with lots of successive walls, and what better place for a city built to withstand sieges than the capital of the Hobgoblin Dominions? However, like all cities it eventually had to grow beyond its walls…


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