Gates of Cryelis
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The Gates of Cryelis, located near the city-state of Ascenon, are one of the oldest and most important cult sites of Cryelis. The site is a large basin which is constantly filled with toxic vapors emerging from nearby vents. Those who venture to its rim often suffer from hallucinations. Those who venture inside will quickly die once their breath runs out (unless magically protected) - and they will immediately descend to the Plane of Shadows as ghosts. This is seen as a desirable state by most followers of Cryelis, and many of her worshipers who feel that their time has come make a final pilgrimage to this site. The priestesses of Cryelis defend the site fiercely against unbelievers - especially those who would attempt to rob the many corpses at the bottom of the basin. Trespassers are bound and thrown into the basin, so that their souls can be enslaved or devoured by the angry ghosts waiting on the other site in the realm of Cryelis.

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