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The World Architect, The First Scientist, Idiot God of Progress

Gebral represents the spirit of these modern times like few other deities. He is the embodyment of progress in all its form. In his positive aspects, this means using logic and innovation to make the world a better place for everyone. In his negative aspects, this means tearing down old structures that have proven their worth over many years with new ones of dubious utility - novelty for novelty's sake.

His worshipers include architects and city planners, engineers, and many gnomes. His followers often rise to prominence in the city councils - whenever the rulers of a city announce plans to raze entire neighborhoods and replace them with something grander (a frequent occurence), it is a safe bet that a follower of Gebral is involved somewhere in the planning process. But worshipers of Gebral are not necessarily in charge - as often as not, they are revolutionaries who are convinced that they have the best ideas for how to run things and work non-stop to gain the power to actually implement their plans.

Generally, followers of Gebral are quite monomaniacal and argumentative. This can express itself benignly, as many of them genuinely want to make the world a better place. On the other hand, many others step far beyond established ethical norms in their pursuit of knowledge. On more than a few occasions, this has brought priests of Gebral in direct conflict with each other.

The cult of Gebral holds to the following tenets:

  • Praise and assist the innovators, for they lead the way. Expose and admonish those who steal the ideas of others, for they produce nothing of true worth.
  • Question everything. Nothing is truly perfect, and everything can be improved.
  • Never stand still. Inactivity is for the dead.

Gebral's symbol is three interlocking cogwheels.

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For the record, the scientific method is known in Urbis, and it appealed to my sense of perversity to have an actual religion embrace it as its tenets.


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