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Population: 139,412

This city is dominated by the Gemeinschaftsbank and other financial institutions. This community has the only nexus towers in the Siebenbund, for the banks need their magics to protect its secret vaults. And apparently with success, for there are no confirmed tales of thieves who successfully broke into them (whether this means that no successful thefts happened, or that those who did succeed wisely kept quiet about it is a matter of some debate). The banks will deal with anyone who has wealth to store and is willing to part with some of it to protect the rest. It is said that the fortunes of hundreds of tyrants, crime lords, and deposed kings are stored here, but the bankers are not willing to talk about their customers.

The banks keep a tight rein on the city, and suspicious-looking people - those who aren't customers, that is - are kept under constant surveillance and hassled by the local guard at the slightest pretext.

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