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Run by the gnomish Guldenberg family, the Gemeinschaftsbank is the largest financial institution in the Known Lands. It is famous for its neutrality and its refusal to give out information about its customers. It will do business with anyone who has wealth to store, and is willing to do everything it takes to keep the wealth safe and secure. It will also loan money to governments and rich merchants alike, and if one of these proves unable to pay the interest, they usually acquire shares of businesses or otherwise increase their influence in various organizations or governments. Some wits have claimed that the Gemeinschaftsbank will do with money what all past empires have been unable to do with their armies - conquer the world. But most people would be shocked to learn how wealthy this family of gnomes really is, and how far their influence reaches.

Recently, they have started to issue bank notes, certificates made out of paper and made difficult to forge through magical rituals. These can be redeemed at any Gemeinschaftsbank office for a certain amount of coins in the local currency. These have already proven to be quite popular with merchants and other people who handle large amounts of money on a regular basis.

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