Gentlemen Callers' Club
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A secret club with invitation-only membership, the "Gentlemen Callers" meet for the sole purpose of watching the erotic illusory shows by the master illusionist only known as "Cardano the Magnificent". While paid-for illusions with erotic or even pornographic content are nothing unusual in certain sections of society (and more wizards than care to admit have earned some money this way when they desperately needed it), Cardano stands out with both his sheer skill at creating such illusions and his abilities as a master storyteller. His shows often exceed an hour in length, and some of them, like "In the Court of Queen Arwanna" or the infamous "Gloria, Slave Concubine of the Surathi", have gained a legendary reputation far beyond those who have actually been able to see them.

While most of these shows violate the morality laws of Dartmouth, the Club is protected by the fact that some very influential members of high societies are among its members. The club meets at varying locations in Duriam as an additional security measure - sometimes at actual brothels, but more often in various hotels or other buildings with rooms rented for the evening. There are also rumors that Cardano can create semi-solid illusions that can "interact" with high-paying customers in a direct and intimate way, but no one seems to want to admit to experiencing such a "service" first-hand.

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