Ghost Gates
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Ghost Gates are ritual locations found at many sites in the depths of the Far Coast. They bear a disturbing similarity to Cryelian Gates - they are large basins which were apparently filled with noxious vapors during religious rituals to ceremonially kill people submerged in them. Some sites even feature enchantments that continually fill the basin with poisonous fumes, while a very few make use of naturally occurring volcanic vents. Like the sites of Cryelian Gates, these locations feature extensively detailed surrounding areas in the Plane of Shadows, but so far all the ghosts encountered there were uniformly hostile.

It is currently unknown whether the natives who once lived in these lands worshiped another guise of Cryelis or an entirely different deity. Nevertheless, quite a few priests of Cryelis have made the journey from the Known Lands to reconsecrate these sites to their deity.

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