Ghouls are the most common among free-willed undead, and exist in the sewers, slums, and caves and tunnels in most cities. While they constantly crave the meat of sapient beings, they can still their hunger with the flesh of animals for extended periods, which helps them hide for longer periods. When deprived of all sustenance, they will gradually become more and more feral until they become mindless creatures which only care for the hunt. Conversely, a ghoul - especially one with a strong will - who has a regular source of food can be as cunning if any living creature - if not more so.

Some ghouls know magical rituals or have access to magic items which disguise their appearance, allowing them to move among humans unseen. Many ghoul communities have at least one member who acts as the "face" with the rest of the city in this way. Sometimes these ghouls pose successfully as a citizen of their city-state - especially if they were citizens in life, and were able to conceal their "death" from the authorities. At other times, they only interact with the criminal underworld, such as the local goblin market.

A few ghouls know a ritual which allows them to gain access to the memories of a deceased person by eating that person's brain, and they use this to gain all sorts of secret knowledge which they can use to blackmail or barter with humans. This ritual can be used by non-ghouls as well - however, this person will almost inevitably rise as a ghoul after death.

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