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Population: 60,312

Two hundred years ago, the shifting sands of the Desert of Thunder revealed the cyclopean ruins of an ancient city of unknown origin. Shortly afterward, several highly productive wells were discovered there, and the resettlement began in earnest. Still, even today, only a small portion of the city is truly inhabited again, and explorers manage to find an ancient artifact now and then despite generations of looters.

The most striking feature of Gigam are the ubiquitous lion statues, which range from small figurines to a giant crouching lion more than two hundred yards long. Defacing the lions is said to bring terribly bad luck, but some outsiders claim that the "bad luck" in question is nothing more than the retribution of a local lion-worshiping cult.

Ordulan, the dragon ruler of Gigam, demands half of all finds from the ruins. Other than that, the only tribute he demands from the inhabitants of the city are weekly sapient sacrifices, which he eats alive. He leaves it to the inhabitants of the city to arrange the sacrifices, which usually means purchased slaves - but if he doesn't get a sacrifice, he is known to snack on a random resident instead, which encourages punctuality in the sacrifices.

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