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Giranbazai is the ruler of Samzuu, and generally considered promising by his elders, as well as attractive and wily by his peers. He frequently participates in the mating battles, and is successful more often than not. But he is more than he seems.

For Giranbazal started manifesting strange powers unheard off among dragons when he was young. He kept this a secret (it is always wise to keep an ace in the hole among dragons, after all), and after lengthy research, he came to the conclusion that the only explanation for these powers was that he carried the blood of the surathi in his veins.

How this was possible remains unknown to him, for his mother died (apparently in combat) shortly after he hatched, and he was the only survivor of that clutch. However, he is all to aware that if his secret ever were to be uncovered, he would likely be hunted down by his draconic peers, for they do not trust the surathi in the least, and having one among their number would be seen as a stain on their blood that must be eradicated.

Thus, he has set out to study and improve upon his powers so that he will be ready for the battles once the inevitable day comes - and if he builds a large enough power base, he might even defeat the current matriarch and claim draconic rulership for his own! After that, he plans to conquer the Snake Kingdoms, and after that, the rest of the world…

For now, however, he keeps a low profile. But some of the people in Samzuu whisper that he has a fondness for women from the southern jungles, and that he pays high prices to slave traders for new specimens to add to the harem he keeps hidden in his palace…

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