Gnomish World Conspiracy
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As any gnome will tell you, there is no such thing as a "Gnomish World Conspiracy".

But then again, that's what they would want you to think, wouldn't they?

Consider this: Gnomes seem to build vast network of contacts and favors as easily as other races eat or breathe. In fact, social status among gnomes is largely determined by how many important people they know, and how many favors they can count upon. Most gnomes seem to have little difficulty in figuring out how they are related to any other gnome after a short conversation. Many gnomes work for - or even own - large banks and other important financial institutions. And somehow, most of the really successful human politicians seem to have gnomish allies or patrons.

Perhaps the gnomes are running the world already, and most people just haven't noticed it.

Or at least, that's what many conspiracy-minded people believe. The "Gnomish World Conspiracy" has become a common byword for the vast networks of gnomish influence, whose true size is hard to determine and probably bigger than they at first appear. Many of the cheaper newspapers hint of dark secrets being covered up by gnomes (and ironically, some of these newspapers are actually owned by gnomes. Or maybe they intentionally spread misinformation…). Cheap bookstores sell copies of the "Hagenzell Concords", an alleged protocol of a meeting between powerful gnomes in which they line out their plans for secretly taking over the world, which is denounced as a forgery and hoax by many, but taken for literal truth by many more.

But ask a gnome, and he will tell you that there is no such thing as a "Gnomish World Conspiracy". But he will do so with a twinkle in his eyes, and hint of his powerful connections…

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There is certainly room in Urbis for conspiracy theories, and the Gnomish World Conspiracy is the biggest that may or may not exist.

To get into the proper frame of mind, read through any conspiracy theorist's screed, and replace words like "New World Order", "Illuminati", "Reptoids", "military-industrial complex", "Jews", or "Reptoids" with the word "gnome", and you are halfway there.


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