Goblin Burrows
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Goblin burrows are the commonly accepted name for tunnel systems that spring up on the outskirts of major cities from time to time. They are usually constructed in poorer or more inaccessible areas where the guards usually don't bother going and where there are few prying eyes. Goblins are indeed some of the major builders of goblin burrows, but the homeless and desperate of all races sometimes dwell in such tunnels. At some times, different races and factions fight viciously for underground living space, while at other times they live in surprising harmony. The largest of such tunnel systems can get very extensive indeed, running for many miles.

The city authorities treat such tunnels as a major nuisance, attributing all sorts of criminal activities to the inhabitants. Thus, goblin burrows are frequently "smoked out" and demolished, its inhabitants evicted or even deported. Still, few guards are eager to enter the claustrophobically small tunnels to make sure all the inhabitants are left, and unless every tunnel is collapsed, the burrows will quickly become occupied again.

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