Goblin Market

"Goblin markets" generally take place in the worst slums, abandoned parts of the sewer systems, or other remote locations within a city where the authorities are far away and the participants can come and go unseen. Usually, the location and time at which a goblin market takes place varies, but in the larger more corrupt city-states they might have established a permanent location where vendors are active around the clock.

At goblin markets, almost anything illegal can be bought and sold. Contraband, drugs, stolen goods, components for outlawed magical rituals, forbidden tomes of dark magic, even kidnapped people are for sale here. And in all cases, the principle is: "Buyer beware". Would-be customers should expect to be swindled at every opportunity, or even robbed or kidnapped if they are so foolish to venture here alone.

The name of goblin markets derive from the fact that a good portion of the vendors are often actual goblins, and the goblin communities within a city usually derive a significant portion of their income from the local goblin market and related activities. Nevertheless, there are usually significant numbers of vendors from other races as well - though these are scarcely more trustworthy than the goblins.

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