Goblin Mound
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A goblin mound is a small hill, often found in temperate or northern climates, which contains one or more tunnels and warrens too small for a human to navigate, but which are just the right size for goblins. Many of these were in fact originally excavated by goblins, and the territories of the Flannish Cities and surrounding areas have particularly large numbers of them thanks to the ancient Goblin Mound Builder culture. In those lands, goblins are now comparably rare outside the slums of the cities and the Gray Hills, and many of these complexes have fallen into disuse and become inhabited by wild animals, although the occasional goblin vagrants or small family still move into them from time to time. In other cases, other small, sapient beings have moved into them, such as kobolds or even the occasional fey (in which case a trod might have developed inside the hill). As it is to be expected, such hills tend to have numerous legends about all kinds of treasures stolen by the goblins over the ages.

Standard human response to signs of an inhabited goblin mound is to form an armored group which collapses all the visible entrances except for one and then builds a fire before the last entrance to smoke the inhabitants out.

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