Gol Murak
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"Negotiations with the dwarves proceed exceptionally well. While they are too proud to admit it, their desperation is obvious - the creation of the Grand Road could decide over the survival of their entire nation. We were promised a staggering amount of precious metals and jewels, and secured the cooperation of a number of old and infirm dwarven mine overseers and engineers. While these are not strong enough to do any engineering work by themselves (otherwise they would probably have been sent to the front lines already), their experiences will be invaluable in this project. I recommend hiring as many translators capable of speaking dwarvish as we can get, and as soon as possible.
On a related note, I disagree with board member Ficaccio about trying to gain even more concessions from the dwarves. They are honorable and will abide by any agreement we make with them, but if the Grand Road is to become a success, we need them as willing trade partners, vital way station, and strong allies - and we won't get that if they become resentful of the terms we impose on them."

- Bartolo Gandobardi, Letter to the Chairman of the Grand Road Rail Company of Alassia

Capital: Barandul
Population: 2,347,840 (dwarves 96%, gnomes 3%)
Government: Monarchy with strong clan influence

Gol Murak is a kingdom under siege. The dwarves are threatened by enemies from all directions, whether the surathi from the south, the goblin and kobold tribes from north, or the daresh and other subterranean monstrosities from below. The inhabitants are a fatalistic and dour lot, and are distrustful of all outsiders.

However, in the recent decade a small ray of hope has come from the Grand Road, as the transcontinental subterranean railroad built by the Parginian city of Alassia slowly nears Gol Murak. This railroad, if it reaches them, would create a safe and fast supply route for the beleaguered dwarves and help their war effort immensely. While some dwarves distrust the humans and demanded to keep the humans away, cooler heads have prevailed, and the dwarves do their best to keep the passageways around the Grand Road clear of enemies. However, this shift in the dwarven forces has not gone unnoticed by the Snake Kingdoms, who are pressing the dwarves harder than ever - sensing that if they don't crush the dwarves now, they might never get the chance.



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The desperation of the dwarves have fueled many prayers, and the chaplains fighting among the dwarven soldiers are vital for the morale of the war effort. The common soldiers pray to Harkat (Hatramo), to help them endure when all hope is lost, and their commanders beseech Aruk (Argannon) to inspire them for cunning battle plans. Behind the front lines, the priest of Kartas (Kortus) keep watch over the remains of the falling soldiers and pray for their souls - and their prayers rarely stop in these dark days.

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The easiest way to have adventures in Gol Murak is to sign on as mercenaries in the war against the surathi. The dwarves well well, but mercenaries will certainly be expected to get involved in the heaviest fighting - and until they have proven themselves, they have to live under the suspicion of being surathi spies.

Designer's Notes & Resources

If Gol Algor showcases dwarven industriousness and Gol Grungor showcases, then Gol Murak shows dwarfen fatalism in the face of overwhelming hordes of enemies.


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