Golden Scions
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The Golden Scions are a religious cult which has been growing in strength in Grüngarten for the last few decades. They worship the tree Galenvar as the source of all that is good within the city and see themselves as its spiritual children.

The basis of their religious rites is the mead brewed from the tree's sap and pollen. How precisely they have gained regular access to such a precious and rare substance is unknown, but it must be assumed that they have some supporters within the ruling council of the city, which has always refused to act against the cult. To these mead they add some further, secret ingredients (rumored to include mushrooms from Faerie) and share it amongst each other. This brew causes an intense, revelatory experience, frequently triggering glossolalia, or the speaking in tongues. They believe that in their visions the tree Galenvar talks to them and tells them what to do to support the city.

In this, of course, they are absolutely correct.

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