Gorok-kar Protectorate
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The dwarves of Gorok-kar have never been very interested in matters of the surface, and the protectorate claimed by the city showed the signs of such neglect. As their mines required lots of timber, the dwarves simply cut down any and all useful trees within reach, going to ever-more remote valleys to find remaining forests and finally importing wood from other city-states with more enlightened ideas about forestry. The end result was hills and mountains on which the topsoil was quickly eroded away, leaving them bare and causing frequent landslides.

However, recent conflicts about lumber among the Flannish Cities and the resulting market fluctuations regarding its price have given the rulers of Gorok-kar pause, and as they do no longer wish to be dependent on fickle outsiders for this vital resource, they have hired several human-run companies to reforest their domain. While the first forests have begun to spring up, truly restoring the land will be a work of generations - but that doesn't faze the long-lived dwarves.

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Nobody has ever done environmental impact studies of the effect of dwarven habitations. But why not?


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