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One of the wealthiest clans, Gramazû's leadership revels in showing off their opulence. Their great wealth comes from their massive slave-trading rings that have flourished even more since Nagrab built the railroads and made it easier to transport slaves. While legally, no slaves exist in the Hobgoblin Dominions, the clan abuses its serfs to such a degree that the difference is negligible. And they are only too glad to "lend" their own "serfs" to other clans on either a short or long-term basis for the appropriate compensation - which allows other clans to treat Gramazû serfs as their pet slaves without abusing the serfs of their own clan (thus preserving the "honor" of said clan). Openly, they get along with the other clans (though reformers despise them), but they secretly plot against the others in an attempt to usurp their power. For instance, they are a driving force behind the effort to take ownership of Clan Nagrab's railroad for "the good of the dominion", but would never state such a thing openly in a High War Council meeting. Clan Gramazû brings in slaves from all across the continent, but have only recently began to go out of their way to capture young elves visiting human cities from Avareen after realizing the high price an elf slave can bring. However, their slavers must be very careful when operating in other lands, as slavery is not especially held in high regard in other cities.

Clan Gramazû's insignia is a gray set of manacles.

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