Grand Channel
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On the eastern fringe of the Veldtland a vast gap separates a small island continent from the mainland. This gap, dubbed the Grand Channel, runs straight as an arrow for more than a thousand miles, and has a width ranging from five miles at the widest points to half a mile at the narrowest. Steep cliffs which at most points are more than half a mile high are on both sides for almost the entire run of the channel, and the few settlements that exist close to the water level (where they have to take the steep tides into account) are usually supplied via complex pulley systems, as there are no harbors for large, ocean-going ships anywhere within it. However, more than a few groups of pirates have hideouts from which they emerge with smaller boats, attempting to swarm larger vessels from multiple sides and quickly slaughtering everyone on board before retreating back to the rocky side labyrinths in which they dwell. Thus, only large, well-armed ships dare to brave this passage, but those that manage the "channel run" can usually cut of multiple days from their journeys.

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I thought to myself: "How can I make Madagascar more awesome?", and this is what I came up with.


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