Grand Road
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The Grand Road is a vast underground system spanning much of the Known Lands - it starts near the city of Alassia and ends in the Verdant Coast. It was discovered during the time of the Atalan Empire, and is suspected to be much older still. The tunnel is a fairly constant 47 yards in diameter, and the strange melt patterns along its surface are somewhat reminiscent of the tunnels left by fire worms - thus, the prevailing theory is that it was created by some truly gargantuan subterranean species, though (perhaps fortunately) no evidence of such a species has been discovered anywhere else.

The city of Alassia is currently in the process of building a railroad along its entire length. They are making steady progress in that venture, but they have to face numerous difficulties nonetheless - many parts of the tunnel have collapsed, and thus need to be dug free and stabilized, while others connect to larger cave systems of Terra Profunda occupied by hostile natives.

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