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Once this district was a thriving community where many new factories and worker's apartments were built. The district wasn't wealthy as such, but it was growing and healthy. But all this was erased in the infamous Teufelsnacht 45 years ago where large numbers of devils were set loose in Graufelden and slaughtered all mortals they could find. Those who survived this night fled, and while the armed forces of the government did their best to eradicate the devils in weeks of intense fighting, a few devils always seemed to be able to hide. Thus, the government eventually simply abandoned the area and built a wall around it - a wall that now too is crumbling down in many areas. Graufelden is now largely abandoned, with ruins of buildings covered by plant growth. It is a lawless, wild place in the middle of the city, and as it still tainted by infernal residue and further haunted by the dead, only the desperate dare to live here.

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This was inspired by the "urban prairie" phenomenon of Detroit and other modern-day cities. As the cities of Urbis are generally still growing quickly, I needed a better explanation for why a whole district would suddenly be abandoned.


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