Gray Hills
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The Gray Hills have long been a homeland for numerous tribes of goblins, many of which are still the direct descendants of the old Goblin Mount Builder Culture and follow their ancient customs. Even when goblins were largely driven out of the rest of the Flannish Region, it has proved to be impossible to wipe out the goblin tribes here. All the hills seem to be riddled with underground tunnels, and no matter how many goblins are slain, some will always escape and in a few generations their numbers will have reached their previous level.

Thus, the modern Flannish Cities have taken a more pragmatic approach and declared the Gray Hills a "reservation" for goblins where they banish the excess goblins from their own communities. The goblins captured by the city authorities are herded into cattle wagons and brought and released here to survive of their own. Many of them die en route. Sometimes, they are given a small amount of provisions before they are turned loose, but at other times they are pushed out with nothing more than the rags they wear on their skins.

The numerous feuding tribes no not welcome these newcomers, as food tends to be scarce and population pressures are always high with the fecund goblins. If they are lucky, they might impress one of the tribes enough to be adopted into them. More commonly, the males are killed within a few days upon arrival and the females are taken as slaves by the tribes. Only a very few newcomers manage to survive on their own, as they grew up in cities and are unlikely to be familiar with wilderness survival.

The cities of Hogenrood, Oldenheim, Praxus, Rondhaven, Torburg, and Zuidenstadt jointly patrol the borders of the Gray Hills to make sure that the goblins do not escape in large numbers (which also has the added benefit of giving their soldiers some useful training in peacetime). Other cities need to pay them for the privilege of dumping their own goblins into the Gray Hills.

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  • What if someone manages to both feed and organize the goblins of the Gray Hills? This faction might be able to get an army of followers highly skilled in stealth and sneak attacks - in other words, an army perfect for urban warfare!

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