Greater Devil

Greater devils are lesser devils who have swallowed enough souls of victims to gain tremendous power. They are no longer as fixated on specific sins - while most of them do have certain preferences for types of mortal behavior, this is no longer an all-consuming obsession for them. Thanks to the memories of their victims, greater devils tend to have developed and unique personalities, and each is an individual with its own way of interacting with the world.

However, one thing that hasn't changed with their new status is that they still need the souls of mortals to become stronger. But instead of tempting individual mortals to sin to gain their souls, they dominate lesser devils and force them to disgorge "excess souls" to feed their own appetites. Some greater devils suck any lesser devils they can find dry of souls so that they revert to mere imps, but the majority of greater devils just take enough souls to leave the power of the lesser devils under their dominance at a relatively constant level - a kind of "soul tax". Others use their subordinates to run cults in their name, since cults tend to be a fairly efficient way of harvesting souls with little effort (for the greater devil, at least). Finally, greater devils have the power to make bargains with mortals in which they grant the foolish mortal some sort of powerful boon in exchange for his soul after his death. Canny devils often allow these mortals to stave off their own doom by giving them access to even more mortals - by getting them to sign such soul contracts as well, or by serving as human cult leaders.

In light of all this, the power of greater devils should rise rapidly. Unfortunately, they are subject to their own soul tax - they have to pay a steady number of souls to their devil lord masters.

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Any similarities to the business practices of Amway are purely coincidental.


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