Grimbald Hagrimson
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Grimbald Hagrimson is one of the most powerful dwarves living in the Flannish Cities region - and most humans have never heard of him. He is descended from a side line of the royal family of the dwarves of the Norfjell Wastes, and according to some interpretations of dwarven inheritance law he would be next in line to inherit the throne - if that kingdom still existed. After Negroth the Doombringer destroyed this kingdom, the survivors scattered across the south and established themselves there. The majority of Hidden Kings living in the Flannish Cities have formally pledged their loyalties to this family - and now, to Grimbald, although their ultimate loyalty is sometimes suspect. This power and influence has brought his family immense wealth, although it is still only a fraction of what the kings of old commanded.

However, the rulers of Gorok-kar made it clear soon after Negroth was gone that they would not accept the family's claim - to them, the true line of the kings had gone extinct defending their realm, and the survivors are the descendants of cowards who ran rather than stand and fight as Gorok-kar did. This stance has caused numerous tensions between and within dwarvish communities in the region, which are now aggravated by the recent efforts of Gorok-kar to reconquer the Lost Holds of the Norrfjell Wastes and create a new dwarf realm led by Gorok-kar. As this is a direct challenge to his authority, Grimbald Hagrimson spends a lot of time and effort agitating against Gorok-kar and demanding that he should be placed to lead any efforts to liberate the old kingdom. However, the efforts to divert Gorok-kar from its path have for the most part proven futile, and to maintain any credibility at all Grimbald might soon have to start his own liberation efforts - even though he doesn't nearly have the resources that Gorok-kar has.

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