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A former mining town until the mines ran out, Grubenach is where most independent enchanters and craftsmen of Nimdenthal can be located - unusually, the enchantment industry in the city is not dominated by a few large companies but numerous smaller independent operators - who often tend to cut corners in the enchantment process in usual ways and have a certain reputation for shoddy products.

Their most famous products are the so-called "Devils' Lights", enchanted flames which burn eternally in enclosed glass containers also produced in the district. Many of the glass containers are shaped in unusual, even grotesque shapes, and they are quite popular in other cities, where some appreciate them for their shock value.

As of late, certain magical artisans have started to sell rather unusual enchantments: Magical replacement limbs which are said to be stronger and tougher than the originals, or even have unusual powers. Often the limbs are from other living creatures, though more expensive golem limbs exist, and there are rumors of undead or even demonic limbs as well!

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