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Population: 1,495,331 (humans 70%, halflings 16%, dwarves 6%, gnomes 3%, hobgoblins 3%, elves 1%) (City of Grüngarten, 614,327)
Exports: Agricultural products

During the Liberation War, the city of Holzau was conquered by an eldarin prince of neighboring Avareen after the city's rulers had inadvertently insulted him. He became bored of ruling a human city after a century or so, but a strong elven influence persists even today. As a result, the city (now named "Grüngarten" or "green garden") is renowned for its many gardens and greenhouses (many of which are located at the top of its tall buildings to catch as much sunlight as possible), which provide the city with most of its food. The agricultural specialists of Grüngarten are highly regarded even in far-off regions, and can command high salaries. Eating any kind of meat is strictly illegal in this city, which has lead to the establishment of underground "meat parlors" where customers can enjoy steaks, sausages, and other meat products of usually inferior qualities. Organized crime in Grüngarten is firmly in the hands of the "Butchers' Guild", which controls most of the meat parlors.

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In their desire for "progress" and "modernity", the people of the Flannish Cities can sometimes be overly enthusiastic for some very odd things. The prohibition on meat in Grüngarten showcases this.

  • The Vertical Farm Project - Grüngarten almost certainly features some "vertical farms" - farms within high buildings - similar to those shown at this website (if possibly in somewhat smaller form)


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