Guardians of Balance
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Victor Carpenter was a minor scion of a wealthy merchant dynasty who never lacked for anything in his life except for one thing: Direction. Mostly ignored by his parents, who handed him over to a series of private tutors at an early age, he soon became an expert on a large number of subjects such as history, religion, and philosophy. Even when be came of age, he spent most of his time reading obscure books instead of learning a trade. He seemed to be searching for something without knowing exactly what, only that he would know when he found it.

At one point, he came across the teachings of the Perfect World Sect. After studying them obsessively for a year, he concluded that they had the wrong approach, but the idea of transforming the world to make it a better place appealed to him, and he began to saw himself as the guide who would usher in a new age for humanity - once he could think of the way how the world should be changed.

After another year of study, he finally came to a conclusion: The world was constantly going through a cycle of Good and Evil, and he associated a number of historical realms and periods with each extreme. When the world turned to Evil, the forces of Good would resist it and gradually build a better world on top of it - but then they would inevitably become prideful and arrogant, turning the world Evil again and causing the cycle to repeat.

Serious scholars of history and philosophy could probably easily poke holes into these theories, but Victor was convinced of the truth of his ideas. And when his parents died and he received his share of the inheritance, he knew what he had to do - break the cycle entirely. As he saw it, the world was currently turning from the Evil of the Feudal Ages to Good - but again, the forces of Good would ultimately self-destruct and turn to Evil. Therefore, the logical conclusion was to stop the cycle here and now and prevent Good from becoming dominant - for only when the cycle was broken would humanity be truly free.

Victor has used his wealth and innate charisma to build a secret society called "The Guardians of Balance" that follows his ideas with religious fervor. While the tenets of this society are unusual (to say the least), Victor has studied numerous cults and religions and knows exactly how to convince others to his cause and make them loyal. So far, they are mostly preoccupied with building their strength - all existing cells of the society are located within Dartmouth - but they have started to get active against those they identify as "do-Gooders" by trying to ruin them, scare them, or even kill them. Victor knows that the Guardians need to be active on a far larger scale to have any impact, but he is convinced of the righteousness of his cause and of the eventual triumph of his beliefs.

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My take on the idea prevalent in some D&D settings (such as Dragonlance) that there must be some sort of cosmic "balance" between Good and Evil.


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