Guardians Of The Sacred Blood
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The *Guardians of the Sacred Blood are an old secret society that believes that when the gods walked the world throughout history, they sired or conceived children with mortals and left those offspring behind. These demigods then mated with further mortals in subsequent generations, gradually diluting their blood - but never entirely extinguishing it. It is the goal of the Guardians to find as many mortals with the sacred blood of the gods as possible, and then increase the purity of their blood through controlled breeding until they reach the power of those ancient demigods - and then establishing them as a sacred line of kings which all will pledge fealty to and who will rule the world justly and wisely.

While the surathi - the children of Sarush provide the most obvious example of a divine bloodline, the Guardians consider them abominations as they are hopelessly tainted with animal blood and would like to see nothing more than their eradication. Few groups have as much knowledge of the surathi as the Guardians have in their secret archives. They are desperately seeking hints of surviving untainted descendants of Sarush, but so far have not stumbled across the White Surathi.

They also believe that Thenos sired children when he was walking the Earth in the Lake of Dreams region, and consider the first kings of Darchester his descendants. They also seek out rumors and stories of other people with innate powers which propel them to position of leadership.

Once they have identified such people, they try to bring them in contact with other candidates of suitable bloodlines and opposite genders and manipulate them into having further offspring. In general, the Guardians prefer to keep their involvement secret to avoid any backlash by those they manipulate, and only a few people with sacred bloodlines are actually members of the Guardians themselves. If subtle manipulations will not be enough, then force might be used - either against competitors for the affections of those of the Sacred Blood, or in extreme cases against the descendants of the gods themselves (although this is controversial within the society).

In earlier times, many members of the Guardians were part of the Flannish nobility - whose families in turn had a number of bloodlines the Guardians considered sacred. The Liberation War and its aftermath made the activities of the Guardians more difficult, as many nobles were killed and arranged marriages became less common. Thus, the Guardians generally favor a return to aristocratic rule, although they are loath to spend too many resources on pursuing this goal - ultimately, their goals lie elsewhere.

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This organization is loosely based on some conspiracy theories about the Prieuré de Sion.


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