Guardians of the Sunrise
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The Guardians of the Sunrise are an ancient secret society consisting mainly of followers of Bucatar and Dahla who are sworn to protect ordinary people from powerful threats - be they monsters, tyrants, or evil users of magic. Once the deed is done, the Guardians vanish back into the night without stopping to receive thanks or rewards. This has only enhanced their reputations, and there are countless stories of heroic strangers helping those in need which are attributed to the Guardians. However, this very proliferation of stories has caused many to disregard them as a myth - and even those who believe that there is a kernel of truth to these stories still think that the Guardians no longer exist.

But exist they do… after a fashion, and they have even swollen in membership. However, they are also hopelessly splintered, with different cells operating in different cities (and some cities hosting several) that barely communicate with each other - and quite often, some local groups were actually recently founded by romantics inspired by the old stories who remain entirely unaware that other groups exist. Even worse, the different cells often have conflicting agendas, regarding different groups and people as either evil or worthy of support, sometimes even coming to blows over the issue.

Still, the various cells do quite a lot of good for the most part - but some members dream of reforming them into a more coherent group and making them into a powerful, effective force that will not just bring justice to individuals, but whole cities and even nations.

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